Computer Lab

This is our computer lab where the development servers are located.

Cooling is an issue here so the main server rack is vented to the outside with a 250 CFM blower.  The window fan is only needed during the hot months.

Cooling Blower

The smaller rack on the right (an early DIY project) is now used for the UPS units and the power distribution system.

Power Distribution Rack

This rack has a APC SUA2200RM2U SMART-UPS that can power the servers for about 20 min (current running configuration).

Above that is space for a second APC SUA2200RM2U SMART-UPS that will be a future upgrade.

I also have in the back of the rack an APC 1500 KVA unit that provides back up power for the router, all the switches and the wireless access points.

Above the APC unit is the reason I need a second APC SUA2200RM2U SMART-UPS unit.

A Server Tech Sentry Fail-Safe Power Tower XL 2x24A 16-Outlet PTXL-HF16-1-05 is above the APC unit.

This unit has two main power buses that allow for load balancing.

A lot more information on this unit is available here.

All of the power for the servers in the rack on the left com from this unit.

Main Rack – Door Closed

Main Rack – Door Open

The installed equipment is as follows from top to bottom:

  • Fan Control Unit
  • Rack Lighting Unit
  • TL-ER5120 Gigabit Load Balance Broadband Router
  • Cable Management 
  • Quanta LB4M Series Layer 2, 3, and IPv6 Plus QoS Managed Switch 48 1Gb ports and 2 10Gb Fiber Ports
  • 8 port KVM Switch
  • SuperMicro X8DTL-3F with 10G Fiber port (Ubuntu Server)
  • Home Built Server (Ubuntu, DOS ect.)
  • 17″ Rack Mount Monitor / Keyboard / Touchpad
  • SuperMicro 933T, RAID, 15 Bay SATA Storage NAS with 10Gb Fiber port (Ubuntu, Plex)
  • Dell Poweredge r710 (Vmware ESXI)
  • Dell Poweredge 1950 (Ubuntu Server)
  • Home Built BBS Server Running WG2.0 (MajorBBS/Worldgroup) on DOS 6.22 (Yup!)
  • Compaq DL-320 Server (Worldgroup DMA Server).

The SuperMicro X8DTL-3F is used for web hosting and network monitoring.

The Home built Linux server is used for tons of experiments and is often off line.

SuperMicro 933T unit is a custom built NAS server.

Click here to see the NAS build

Click here to see live stats on the Raid Array.

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